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GreeNoodle Customer Review
 So good! Chewy and deliciously healthy!

I'm absolutely obsessed with these noodles. They are so good! Better than the ramen I buy (I buy Ichiban).
I used 1 tsp organic bullion, 1/2 a tbsp sesame oil (pour it in after cooking!), a handful of organic baby fresh spinach (also put in at the end of cooking), garlic, crushed red pepper, soy sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, dried parsley, Himalayan sea salt and a few dashes of Tabasco. It is so good! And very healthy! Only 533 calories for the whole bowl of healthy ramen!

You should give them a shot!

These are amazing - I was hesitant to get them (green...really?), but they taste just like traditional ramen without all of the chemicals and preservatives. They have a great chew and no strong background flavor.

Delicious comfort food without guilt

Love the versatility of these noodles. Love that there are 2 blocks per packet - one portion each, so it is easy to customize and see the portions/ read nutrition value estimates. Can be prepared very many different ways, from creating your own ramen soup, miso, tom yum, etc, to traditional pasta dishes like spaghetti, casseroles, shrimp-alfredo, and so on. Comfort food cravings satisfaction without completely foregoing a diet plan, if you are on one. 1 packet (2 portions) = 360 cal, 0 fat, 22% total sodium. However, it cooks up to VERY filling amount, and only with what you add to it - your choices of veggies, herbs, seasoning, protein, other! So an easy way to keep track of what you are preparing, and to keep your meal at your caloric goals. With delivery, the price per package (I bought the 12-pack) came to about $2.20, I guess more expensive than the other noodles, but much better, I feel.

blown away

Literally blown away with everything about these noodles - texture, forgiveness (when overcooked), taste, nutrition.. everything. I purchased some kind of noodles made out of soy or peas or whatever from Amazon that were so disgusting, I had to throw them away. Then I purchased buckwheat noodles which are decent but can get mushy if not careful and also are more starchy. These are perfect in every way. I am not sure if many people know of a "maggie noodles" from India - They are like ramen in the US... people eat them crazily and they are super tasty. I am not allergic to wheat or anything but always worry about additives and preservative in the food esp the flavor packets that come with this kind of noodles. So I just make these Greenoodles without any special store bought flavor stuff but just my concoction of Indian spices. And I also do not boil and drain and then make food with them. I just cook them with everything else all together and they come out perfect. I cannot do the same with buckwheat ramen noodles. They get too starchy and mushy. I am in love with these and will buy forever.

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Mulberry Tea Customer Review
Love this!

I first saw this at my local Japanese market and really loved it. The flavor is really pleasant, mild and neutral that reminds me of brown rice green tea. This product was appealing due to its health properties for lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and reducing fat. I take it based on the instructions and drink it during my meals. My blood tests have showed my blood sugar has reduced about 10-15 points and overall, I feel healthier taking this. Definitely a bit pricey but I re-use the tea bags about 2-3 times before discarding.

Tasty tea for removing sugar from your system

Great for after dessert. Any time you have that "I ate too much sugar" feeling, this tea will make you feel better. I like the taste, too. It's very slightly vegetal and smooth.

Would highly recomend

This tea is great! A little on the earthy taste but I like it with a little milk and honey. I had a hard time finding organic mulberry tea, until I found this seller. The package came with a little brochure with extra info about the tea which was a nice touch! Would recomend this tea to anyone looking for a sugar balancing tea as well as other Heath benifits!