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About Us

Eon Brands is the organic foods product line of Eon Foods International, LLC located in California, USA. Other brands of Eon Foods International include GreeNoodle® and Kiwami Enzyme Drink.

We promote healthy lifestyle, environmental sustainability, fair trade practices and humane farming.

Our current featured product, GreeNoodle®, is a vegetarian instant noodle made with organic moroheiya powder. Moroheiya is an exceptionally nutritious vegetable discovered during ancient Egyptian times. Eon Brands hopes that GreeNoodle® can be a healthier alternative to conventional instant noodles. One serving of GreeNoodle accounts for 32% daily value for dietary fibers, and 20% daily value for vitamin A.

Unlike most instant noodles, GreeNoodle® is not deep fried but steam cooked and then air dried. This means no trans fat or saturated fat. GreeNoodle® also does not have artificial colors, preservatives, or added monosodium glutamate (MSG) as its ingredients.

GreeNoodle® is very convenient – it is surprisingly delicious and only takes three to four minutes to prepare. Just boil water, then add the noodles and the soup base. The packages are also very light and easy to carry around so you can enjoy it at your work place or wherever you go. Our product can be enjoyed by people of all ages – like college students who don’t have time to cook or even young children who don’t like to eat their vegetables.

At Eon Brands we want to bring the best natural foods and products from all over the world to your home and make it a place where everlasting relationships, health and happiness thrive. We hope you can join us in supporting organic agriculture worldwide and encourage people to live in harmony with nature.

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