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What is “Kiwami” Enzyme Drink?
(Harmony Life’s probiotic Drink)

Life Cannot Exist Without Enzymes

Enzymes can be found in all living things. The energy found in enzymes are essential for a healthy life.

For life forms to continue existing there must be constant and various chemical reactions within the body, whether it is to acquire what is necessary or eliminate what is no longer required. As we eat various foods such as fish, meat, vegetables or grains, the nutrition contained within these foods are accessed through enzymes. These nutrients are then used to create or maintain muscles, organs, nerves and blood for the body. All of the disassembling, synthesizing, and regulating of nutrition is controlled by enzymes. Some of these enzymes are produced within the body but some of cannot be made by the body and must be taken through food. No amount of food eaten can support the human body without the assimilation of enzymes. From microorganisms to plants to meat and fish, all life forms exist due to enzymes. Most foods used to contain an abundance of enzymes, but due to pesticide and chemical fertilizer use on fruits, vegetables and grains, enzymes in raw food have declined in past years. With the addition of processed food in our diet, the total amount of enzymes that are being taken in has dropped. When the body runs low on enzymes it can lead to disorders and illnesses due to the slowing down of metabolism and digestion.

Organic Farming

I first came across the importance of enzymes 18 years ago when I launched the Harmony Life Organic Farm in Thailand’s Khao Yai Mountains. I started making the enzyme drink around the time the farm started. I used the enzymes found in medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains and seaweed grown organically without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Since agricultural water supplies, including rivers, have commonly been contaminated through household drainage and pesticides, I drilled 150 meters (492 feet) into the Khao Yai Mountains to get the cleanest water. This is the water we use on our farm.

Harmony life’s organic enzyme drink has antioxidants and is created in-house at the Harmony Life Organic Farm. Since the Harmony Life Organic Farm started in 1999, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have ever been utilized. Instead, the farm is cultivated with antioxidant bacteria found in our homemade compost, beneficial photosynthetic bacteria and yeast, koji, and bacillus subtilis. By relying on these beneficial microorganisms, our crops are grown healthy and strong enough to resist damage from pests. In contrast, crops that are cultivated with the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers tend to look great but are often susceptible to damage from pests and depend on increased usage of chemicals. If crops are grown stronger, they are able to resist damage from pests that crops that are cultivated through the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers cannot. The difference between these crops is one has strong vitality and the other does not. The most important goal for Harmony Life Organic Farm has continued to be to produce crops that have a strong vital force. This has been our philosophy for 18 years.

Organic Certifications

Harmony Life Organic Farm has obtained organic certifications from various organizations. We received certification from Organics International from the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 2004, from IFOAMM in Germany in 2009, from EU, Canada and USDA in 2011.

While there are many enzyme related drinks in Japan, those made from organic materials are very rare. To create enzyme drinks that are high in vitality, it’s crucial to utilize fresh materials.

Organic Certificates Logo

Ingredients : Organic green papaya, Japanese apricot, Pineapple, Organic bananas, Organic carrot, Organic moroheiya leaf, Organic spinach, Organic morning glory, Brown sugar, Organic coconut sugar, Organic ginger, Longan honey, Organic aloe vera, Organic lime, Organic ponderosa lemon, , Organic tomato, Organic mini tomato, , Organic cucumber, Organic noni fruit, Organic mulberry leaf, Organic red jasmine rice, Organic brown jasmine rice, Organic turmeric, Organic galangal, Organic lingzhi mushroom, Organic lemongrass, Organic passion fruit, Organic hibiscus roselle, Organic guava fruit, Organic guava leaf, Organic Jamaica cherry, Japanese Kombu( Japanese kelp)

32 Key Ingredients

While some say the more ingredients the better, the fact is that if those ingredients lack vitality, the drinks produced from those ingredients will also have low vitality. Using strong vitality ingredients and taking compatibility of ingredients into consideration is key. While some ingredients add positive effects there are also ingredients that may negate them so it’s important to select ingredients carefully.

Our recipe consists of 32 ingredients, all of which have been selected for high vitality. In order to ensure high compatibility of ingredients, research and adjustments were done by President Dr. Adachi from IFUE research laboratory (The Institute of Form Undulatory Energy). It took 10 years to produce the final product. Every single ingredient in the drink is freshly cultivated and manufactured through our own organic farm.

32 Key Ingredient

Nutritions in KIWAMI Enzyme Drink

In House Manufacturing

While there are many companies producing enzyme drinks, it’s likely that there is no other company in the world that has an in-house organic farm with the ability to utilize freshly harvested ingredients with a strong vital force. Instead, many of these companies purchase ingredients cultivated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides to produce enzyme drinks. These ingredients are often used 3 days to 1 week after harvesting. Since vegetables are particularly prone to decreasing in nutritional value after harvest, it is important to utilize fruits, vegetables and herbs right after harvesting. Our secret to creating enzyme drinks with a strong vital force is utilizing fruits, vegetables and herbs immediately after harvest.

However, our road to producing organic herbs, vegetables, fruits and grains on a steady basis was a steep one; it took six long years to finally gain stability in our cultivation. Still, it was important to us to manufacture enzyme drinks using materials high in vitality.

Ingredients from Different Climates

Kiwami enzyme drink contains ingredients from tropical, temperate and frigid climates. Our farm is located 400 meters (over 1,300 feet) above sea level so we are able to cultivate crops found in tropical and temperate zones. And we use the ingredient Kelp, which can be found in the frigid climates Ocean.

No White Sugar

Many enzyme drinks are fermented through the use of white sugar, but we were not convinced this was the best method. Sugar cane juice contains essential minerals and vitamins but white sugar is created by removing all of these minerals and vitamins through the refining process. White sugar therefore does not have any minerals or vitamins and contains only sucrose. There are many enzyme drinks that are produced with a mass amount of white sugar but it’s highly improbable that drinks containing such high levels of white sugar can also be high in vitality. Harmony Life does not use white sugar for their enzyme drink. Instead, we use unrefined brown sugar, coconut sugar and longan honey to supply the sugar content and to ferment the enzyme drink. We often hear the many negative effects of sugar, but it’s generally about refined and bleached white sugar and overconsumption of sugar in general. Because minerals such as calcium is used by the body to break down white sugar, some claim that having a high white sugar intake can also cause mineral deficiencies.

Unrefined brown sugar, coconut sugar and longan honey contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Brown sugar is broken down by microorganisms during the fermentation process into glucose, fructose, acetic acid, ethyl alcohol, etc. While sugar can be broken down into ethyl alcohol by the yeast during fermentation, this ethyl alcohol stabilizes into vinegar (acetic acid) due to the acetic acid bacteria. The ethyl alcohol levels in our beverages are extremely low, at a quantity of 0.4% or less.

Sugar is an important nutrient for the body. It provides energy and is vital for brain cells to function. Sugar can provide energy to those who are sick or experiencing a weakening of the body and help fight off diseases. Due to the fermentation of sugar by microorganisms, the sugar content in Kiwami enzyme drink has been broken down so that it is easily absorbed by the body, which helps those who are sick and weak to still be able to absorb various crucial nutrients and minerals.

For those who are restricting their calorie intake, it is recommended to dilute about 30ml (1oz) of the enzyme drink with 5 times the water and to drink it once a day. Diluting the antioxidant enzyme beverages makes it easier to absorb. While the recommended dose of consumption is about 30ml (1oz) once per day, those who are weakened or sick can consume it twice a day. It goes great with lemon, yogurt or vinegar. You can drink this after breakfast or dinner and it also works well after exercising or after taking a bath.

No Starter Use

Most enzyme drinks add yeast or bacteria as a fermentation starter in the manufacturing process. This is because if you are using ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that have been cultivated with chemicals, they will lack useful bacteria and will not ferment but instead begin to rot, corrupting the entire batch, making it crucial to include a fermentation starter.

However, I truly believed that it is possible to ferment the drink through usage of natural bacteria found in organic fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs. The crops grown at Harmony Life farm have always been organic and because of this I was convinced that the natural beneficial microorganisms found in our crops would act as a successful starter for the fermentation process. By utilizing these various natural microorganisms instead of unnatural starters, we produced many types of enzymes successfully had fermentation through this long process. However, it is difficult to control the fermentation without the use of starters, and we’ve had cases where the fermentation progressed too much and burst the bottle.

Alcohol is also produced during the fermentation process. This gave us quite the trouble when we first began manufacturing our drinks. Drinks containing 1% or more of alcohol cannot be sold as enzyme drinks according to the Japanese food standards. However, during the early days of our production, most of our prototypes contained at least 2% or more of alcohol. Because of this, there was a period of time when we nearly gave up on producing this enzyme drink. It took 4 long years of repeated trial and errors to produce a drink with less than 1% alcohol. The alcohol level is now at a stable 0.4%, an amount that is also acceptable as a soft drink. We are truly excited to finally share our beverage with the world.

No Dilution with Water

Many commercially produced enzyme drinks are diluted with water but Kiwami enzyme drink do not have any added water. The liquid component of our enzyme drinks are all extracted from crops.

18 Months of Fermentation (Probiotic)

Kiwami enzyme drink is produced through a year and a half of fermentation. Enzymes can be found in fruits, vegetables and herbs but many of the enzymes in our drink are produced by microorganisms during the fermentation process. Sugars act to assist the microorganism and promote fermentation. Our antioxidant enzyme drink contains brown sugar, coconut sugar and longan honey as the sugar content to encourage the fermenting process. We slowly mature the extracts from our organic, in-house farmed fruits, vegetables and herbs for a year and a half. Each drop of enzyme is packed with essential ingredients for the body.

Kiwami enzyme drink also has high antioxidant activity which eliminates the active oxygen that promotes aging. It also increases metabolism within the body promoting the decomposition of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and helps discharge waste matter that is accumulated in the body.

Due to today’s diet of processed and instant foods filled with food additives, the human body lacks many of the necessary enzymes to prevent the body from breaking down. Enzymes act as a catalyst for the whole body to work properly, but when there is an insufficient level of enzymes, the function of metabolism declines and waste gathers within the body causing various diseases such as cancer, hypertension, allergies, diabetes, stiff shoulders, visceral disorders, poor blood circulation, mental fatigue and many others. You can improve your vital bodily functions by consuming enzyme drinks on a daily basis. Our beverage is manufactured through a unique technique that produces high antioxidant effects. Please enjoy a little amount of our enzyme drink every day to improve your health, beauty and physical condition.


How to Drink

  1. Kiwami (Harmony life’s enzyme drink) can be used for  treatment and daily health recovery. During or after illness, take 30ml (1oz) mixed with water or warm water 1-2 times a day.  Note: Warm water should be lower than 140F, before adding enzymes, as a higher temperature may impair enzyme function.
  2. You can add Kiwami to natural juices, carbonated water or yogurt.Also, Kiwami can be used as seasoning for steamed or boiled foods and salad dressing; they can help enhance taste and are also beneficial for health at the same time. Kiwami can also prolong food life. Sweetness derived from sugar is not good for health while sweetness from these enzymes has no effect on our body.

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